The painful, stiff condition, frozen shoulder occurs in the shoulder joint and arises from the inflammation of soft tissue, or tendons, enclosing the shoulder joint. This debilitating ailment can render it difficult to effectively engage in everyday activity. Therapy may range from injecting corticosteroids and numbing medications to surgery in acute cases. Fortunately, the inherent anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD may provide serious pain and stiffness relief for elderly patients of frozen shoulder. When everyday areas frozen shoulder may arise due to various incidents or conditions, the soft tissue inflammation may be handled with CBD.

What Is Frozen Shoulder

CBD For Frozen Shoulder
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Frozen shoulder, popularly known as adhesive capsulitis, comprises a shoulder condition that restricts your range of movement. As the tissues in your shoulder joint get tighter and thicker, scar tissue builds with time. Consequently, your shoulder joint doesn’t get sufficient room to rotate properly. It is commonly accompanied by pain, swelling, and stiffness. The probability of acquiring this condition increases for people between 40 and 60 years of age.

Causes Of Frozen Shoulder

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The cause of frozen shoulder is not clear for some people, though some groups are at greater risk.

Frozen shoulder is more common in women than in men, and you’re more prone to get it if you are in the age range of 40 to 60. Your risk may also rise if you are in the process of recuperating from a medical condition such as stroke, or surgery like mastectomy that stops you from moving your arm.

Several medical conditions can also raise your risk. Your chances of getting a frozen shoulder increase if you possess diabetes. Different medical issues like heart or thyroid disease and Parkinson’s disease are also associated with frozen shoulder.

Symptoms Of Frozen Shoulder

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The primary symptoms of a frozen shoulder comprise stiffness and pain that renders it hard or impossible to move it.

If you possess frozen shoulder, you’ll probably experience an achy or dull pain in one shoulder. You may also experience the pain within the shoulder muscles that enclose the top of your arm. You might feel a similar sensation within your upper arm. Your pain could worsen at night, which can make sleeping difficult.

You’ll usually pass through 3 phases with a frozen shoulder. These include freezing, frozen and thawing stage. Each possesses its individual unique symptoms and timeline.

How CBD Is Effective For Frozen Shoulder

CBD has been utilized for musculoskeletal therapy along with joint pain and may be used topically and internally. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can combat chronic pain, thereby acting as a viable treatment option for frozen shoulder.

Effective In Pain Management

The analgesic properties of CBD help to relieve the pain of the frozen shoulder. CBD also lowers pain and inflammation by preventing the body from absorbing Anandamide, a compound linked with regulation of pain. CBD also attaches with TRPV1 receptors that act as ion channels and is recognized to mediate pain responsiveness, inflammation, and temperature of the body.

CBD also aids to relieve pain by modulating and regulating endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals present in the body that aid with pain. Taking painkillers (Opioids), heroin, and narcotics act as endorphins in the body. This makes the body to restrict our normal endorphins, making natural pain regulation all the more difficult. CBD modulates and controls endorphins and assists the natural elevation of our internal endorphins.

Moreover, CBD also attaches itself to the vanilloid receptor that regulates pain sensation and thereby manages the operation of the vanilloid in lowering pain sensitivity.

Assists In Combating Inflammation

CBD has exhibited potential in aiding to mediate the immune response linked with autoimmune diseases together with neuropathic pain, hypertension and also frozen shoulder. The compound may function to fight inflammation and its related oxidative stress in various ways, like exerting an immunosuppressive effect on macrophages and microglial cells that have a part in inflammation and immunity.

CBD has also indicated to considerably lower chronic inflammatory pain by probably activating glycine receptors. The potent anti-inflammatory impact of CBD is discharged by induction of apoptosis and T-regulatory cells, restriction of cell multiplication and suppression of cytokine production.

The inflammation can be considerably reduced by applying CBD topical on the affected area. CBD oil has entry to the immune system and may request the immune system to stop sending many warrior immune cells to the site of injury. This leads to faster healing in cases of frozen shoulder.

Supports Rapid Tissue Healing

CBD contains collagen which is a gel-type structure that surrounds and supports our bones enabling us to move without feeling pain. Collagen is packed with amino acids like glycine that aids in building muscle tissue by altering glucose to the energy that nourishes muscle cells. The latest study has exhibited the potential of collagen in joint pain healing, osteoarthritis, and ligament and tendon stiffness associated with frozen shoulder. Collagen aids in creating and building tissue all through the body apart from reducing inflammation in tender joints.

Acts As A Relaxant

CBD exerts relaxing properties of the whole body consisting of ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It frees your body and relieves stiff joints. It also assists to regulate healthy blood pressure and circulation in the body. Further, the antispasmodic properties of CBD aid in the relief of muscle spasms in athletes with a muscle strain, trauma, damage to nerves or spinal cord and also with frozen shoulder syndrome.

Resolves Problems With Sleep

People with sleep issues are likely to feel more acute pain as the body is restricted from fulfilling its normal healing process to alleviate the effects arising from fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle injury as well as frozen shoulder or other kinds of chronic pain. Chronic pain keeps the nerves in a fight-or-flight state, which presents problems in relaxing and sleeping. The Neuroprotective properties of CBD further rest and improve sleep.

Conclusion On CBD For Frozen Shoulder

CBD pairs up with endocannabinoid CB receptors within the body to relieve pain, heal inflammation and also protect nerves and cells from further damage. Through immune system regulation, CBD eases the body away from over-response to specific stimuli by lowering inflammatory response. CBD also assists with pain and healing by promoting sleep. An absence of pain sensation combined with a sedative effect allows individuals to fall and stay asleep during the night, accelerating the healing process and making on feel better generally in various medical conditions including the frozen shoulder.

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