CBD and THC are the two main Cannabinoids that are found in Cannabis plant. There are more than 100 different cannabinoids that are recognized by scientists. But CBD and THC are the most prominent two. So, do you know the important facts and major differences between CBD and THC? If no, you can go through with the entire article, here we will talk about our core topic that is CBD Vs THC. Let’s check out the points that create differences between the two.


CBD stands for Cannabidiol whereas THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Both are a different kind of Cannabinoids and are derived from the Cannabis plant in terms of Hemp and Marijuana respectively. CBD and THC both are similar on an atomic level in form of structures and their medical applications. But the way of uses and effects can be varied. CBD and THC both are very beneficial in treating diseases like Chronic Pain, Memory Loss, Insomnia, Diabetes, Anxiety, Cancer etc. And both of them also helps to boost the appetite level in the body. These are some common features between the two. Let’s check out the points that make them different from each other.

Risk Of Getting High

One of the most prominent differences between the two is the presence of psychoactive elements. While using CBD, there will be no euphoric effects, hence the risk of getting high is zero. But the THC produces the euphoric effects, so if you are using THC, there is a chance of getting high.

Cannabinoid Receptors Interaction

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) both are the compounds that interact with Endocannabinoid system of a body. And it has the specialized receptors of Cannabinoid these are CB1 and CB2. But the ways they both interact with receptors can be varied. THC directly interacts with both the receptors CB1 and CB2. and having a high affinity for receptors. Whereas CBD has a little binding with these two receptors. It indirectly acts as an antagonist. Moreover, CBD also interacts with some other receptors of Cannabinoid like 5-HT1A and TRPV-1.

Medical Benefits And Uses

In terms of medical benefits, both are very effective and beneficial to treat several health issues. CBD is so powerful in treating issues like epilepsy, anxiety, diabetes, seizures etc, whereas THC is highly used for chronic pains, sleep disorders, relaxing effects, appetite stimulation, reduce nausea etc.

Legal Status

CBD is not restricted in the United States, as per the Controlled Substance Act. While THC is specifically listed to be prohibited. CBD is not prohibited totally as it gives some positive effects on treating children epilepsy but in some states, it is quite strict on use without a prescription. To use a high level of THC, a physician recommendation is required.

Which One Is Better?

To consider your better choice, the above information can be beneficial to you in according to your health needs and level of capability. CBD can be considered a better choice between the two. So if you are still confused by CBD Vs THC, you can consult with the physician before using. And if you want to go with CBD products, ThoughtCloud will be an excellent choice to shop high-quality, 100% pure CBD Gummies and other natural CBD products online. Hope you enjoyed the article, and if you want to give any feedback, feel free to write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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